KP Dump Truck Gear Pump

KP75B Hydraulic Gear Pump for Japan Truck Parts

KP75B Hydraulic Gear Pump for Japan Truck Parts

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KP75B lifting gear pumps are mainly applied in dump truck hydraulic system as the hydraulic power source of bucket cylinder. Adopting the material of high strength casting iron and the advanced technology of double metal side plates with special structure to connect control-valve,return-valve and pump as a wholebody, the pumps are featured of strong resistance of high working pressure, long lifetime, smart and simple hydraulic system as integration of pump and valve.


KP75B Hydraulic Gear Pump for Japan Truck Parts Details

KP75B lift pump is mainly used for Japanese style dump truck’s hydraulicsystem, as the side of the hydraulic bucket cylinder power source.

The pump uses high strengthcast iron material. The ability to withstand strong internal structure using dual-gold side plate, control valve and check valve in conjunctionwith the pump body and many other advantagedtechnologies. The pump has a high work pressure, long service life. The characterof the hydraulic system to simplify integration is an ideal power source for the hydraulic system of dump.