What pump is used to deliver high viscosity liquid?

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Screw pumps or high viscosity pumps shall be used.

Screw pump: the screw pump is a positive displacement rotor pump, which sucks and discharges the liquid by the volume change of the sealing cavity formed by the screw and the bush. The screw pump is characterized by stable flow, small pressure fluctuation, self-priming capacity, low noise, high efficiency, long life and reliable operation. Its outstanding advantages are that it does not form eddy current when conveying medium, is not sensitive to the viscosity of medium, and can transport high viscosity medium. Screw pump is divided into single screw pump, double screw pump, three screw pump and five screw pump according to the number of screws.

High viscosity pump:
NYP series high viscosity pump is a new type of positive displacement pump developed according to the needs of petroleum, chemical industry, coating, grease, medicine, dye, food and other industries. Because the product can be made of different materials and its unique structure, it is widely used for medium transportation with different properties and viscosity.