What are the precautions for construction of hydraulic gear pump?

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During the installation of the hydraulic gear pump, the safety valve and remote device must be set, and the oil tank must be dustproof to prevent mud, sand and other debris from entering the oil and cleaning regularly. The oil suction pipe should be as short as possible, generally no more than 500mm, and should be as far as possible. Use fewer elbows, and the oil pipe shall not leak.
1. The working oil shall be kept clean. It is recommended to install an oil filter with a filtering accuracy of 80-100 μ m in the suction pipe of the pump, an oil filter with a filtering accuracy of not less than 25 μ m in the return pipe, and clean or replace it regularly according to the oil pollution.
2. If there is an oil filter in the oil inlet side of the hydraulic gear pump, ensure that the effective flow of the oil filter is more than twice the maximum oil absorption flow of the pump, and keep it unblocked to prevent blockage.

3. It is strictly stipulated that before the pump is installed and started, it must be filled with oil and vented, so that the pump can absorb oil in time when it is running. It is better to loosen a pipe joint in the pressure pipeline, jog the power element to let the oil flow out until there is no air bubble, and then tighten the pipe joint (special attention shall be paid to this operation, if the pump does not carry out this operation, it is the most frequent failure in the initial damage). After the pump is installed, no-load and short-time load operation shall be carried out for not less than 10 minutes.
4. The maximum temperature of gear pump under continuous operation shall not exceed 80 ℃, and the instantaneous operating temperature shall not exceed 120 ℃, so as to avoid premature aging of seal.

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