Specific starting steps of gear pump

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The specific starting steps of gear pump are as follows:
1. Rotate the gear pump coupling by hand, it should feel light and evenly stressed.
2. Check whether the rotation direction of the pump is correct, which should be consistent with the direction indicated by the label on the pump body. If there is no special requirement, the general gear pump station is left in and right out when viewed from the motor end.
3. Check whether the hydraulic system has unloading circuit to prevent full load startup or shutdown.
4. Check that the valves in the system are within the set allowable pressure range.
5. Fill the drain port with medium to avoid damage of internal components caused by dry grinding during pump startup
6. No less than 2 seconds of no-load operation, check whether the pump running sound is normal and the direction of liquid flow is correct.
7. Adjust the pressure of overflow valve to 1.0MPa and rotate it for about 10 seconds to check whether the system operates normally, such as leakage, noise, temperature rise, etc.
8. Adjust the pressure of the relief valve to the protection pressure operating range of the hydraulic system
9. Jog the motor to see whether the rotation and sound of the pump are normal.