Requirements of hydraulic oil for plunger pump

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In the daily working environment, the plunger pump can not avoid inspection and maintenance, which also has certain quality requirements for hydraulic oil.
The following are the quality requirements of the plunger pump for the hydraulic oil

Quality requirements of plunger pump for pressure oil
1. Proper viscosity and good viscosity temperature performance, so that the hydraulic components can be well lubricated, cooled and sealed under the condition of changing working pressure and temperature.
2. Good extreme pressure and wear resistance, so that the friction pairs in the oil pump, hydraulic motor, control valve and oil cylinder can have normal lubrication and reduce wear under high pressure, high speed and harsh conditions.
3. Excellent stability, hydrolysis stability and thermal stability, to resist the influence or action of air, water, high temperature, high pressure and other factors, so that the plunger pump is not easy to age and deteriorate, and prolong its service life.
4, good anti foaming property and air release value can quickly dissolve the foam produced under the condition of severe mechanical agitation, and release the air mixed with oil in a relatively short time to achieve accurate, sensitive and smooth transmission of static pressure.
5. It has good demulsibility, and can be separated from the water in the oil quickly, so as to avoid the formation of emulsion, which will cause the metal material corrosion of the hydraulic system and reduce the service performance.
6. Good rust resistance to prevent metal surface of plunger pump from rusting.