Precautions for using new hydraulic oil pump

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(1) pay attention to the operation of the new machine within three months
During the operation of the new machine, it is necessary to check the operation conditions, such as the maintenance of the parts, whether the screws are loose, whether the oil temperature rises abnormally, whether the hydraulic oil deteriorates quickly, and whether the operation conditions meet the rules.
(2) do not add load immediately after starting the hydraulic oil pump
After starting the hydraulic pump, it is required to idle without load for a period of time (about 10 minutes to 30 minutes). Especially when the temperature is very low, it is also required to go through the warm car process to make the hydraulic circuit circulate normally and add load again, and confirm the operation condition.
(3) check the change of oil temperature
Pay attention to check the change of the maximum and minimum oil temperature, and find out the relationship between the oil temperature and the external environment temperature, so as to know whether the capacity of the cooler and the capacity of the oil storage tank can cooperate with the surrounding conditions and the operation conditions, so as to eliminate the faults of the cooling system
(4) pay attention to the noise of hydraulic pump
The new hydraulic pump is easy to be affected by bubbles and dust due to less wear at the initial stage, poor sliding at high temperature or overload under operating conditions, etc., which will cause bad results and make the hydraulic pump produce abnormal effects
(5) pay attention to the appearance value of the meter
Check the vibration condition and stability of the hydraulic circuit pressure gauge, pressure switch light at any time to find out whether the hydraulic circuit function is normal as soon as possible
(6) pay attention to the operation of the machine (about refitting the pump)
Improper design of hydraulic circuit or poor manufacturing of components are not easy to find in the initial use stage, so special attention should be paid to the action state under various use conditions
(7) pay attention to the adjustment in each valve
Fully understand the application of pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve, and pay special attention to the adjustment range and limit, otherwise the adjustment error will not only damage the machinery, but also pose a threat to safety
(8) check the status of the filter
The filter in the circuit shall be taken out and cleared regularly, and the status of the filter screen and the dirt adsorbed on the network shall be checked, and the quality, quantity and size shall be analyzed, so that the pollution level in the circuit can be observed, and the pollution source can be inferred accordingly
(9) check the change of hydraulic oil regularly
Check and analyze the deterioration, discoloration and pollution level of hydraulic oil every one or two months to ensure the normal hydraulic transmission medium
(10) pay attention to leakage of piping
Whether the hydraulic installation piping is good or not, after a period of operation, it can be seen that whether the inspection can leak oil and whether the piping can be loose.