Plunger pump cleaning pipeline operation

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Plunger pump is an important device of hydraulic system. It relies on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder block to change the volume of the sealing working chamber to complete oil absorption and pressure. The plunger pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow conditioning.
As you know, a lot of pipes are used in industrial consumption to transport all kinds of liquid, gas, solid-liquid mixture and other substances needed in the consumption process of high-pressure plunger pump. In the process of consumption, in the temporary process, these pipelines will accumulate various kinds of oil scale, rust scale and so on. This is a natural phenomenon, which will constitute the blockage or narrowing of pipelines, the reduction of consumption system efficiency, the corresponding increase of energy consumption, the pollution of the environment and even the level of consumption infix. Therefore, it is necessary to stop cleaning the pipeline in time. These problems can be solved in time by using high pressure cleaning equipment. This is the technical method of using high-pressure and high-pressure plunger pump to stop pipeline cleaning.
First, open the cover over all the condensate tanks of the cleaning pipe section, and then open the cover of the condensate tank. Assuming that there is no condensate tank, or other special circumstances, we can also take excavation in other parts of the pipeline, and cut the pipeline in each part of the high-pressure plunger pump.
Second, it should be noted that the distance between each operation pit is usually about 200 meters, and the size of the operation pit excavation should be controlled to be convenient for three to four people to operate;
Third, it should be noted that the spray head of the high-pressure washer located in the central device of the condensate tank is connected to the water source and the equipment is started. As for the pressure, it can be adjusted below 500kg / cm2. The spray head of the high-pressure washer is controlled by the foot valve to stop cleaning. The reverse jet during cleaning impacts most of the cleaned dirt to the condensate tank or the fracture. When the nozzle runs to the center set in advance, the high-pressure plunger pump is about 80-100m. Manually pull out the high-pressure pipe together with the nozzle in the opposite direction of the running direction, and use the reverse jet to clean up the washed dirt. At this time, the operation should be careful, prudent and pay attention to safety.