Notes on installation and use of high pressure gear pump

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The elastic coupling is usually used between the transmission shaft of high pressure gear pump and the output shaft of motor, and its coaxiality tolerance shall be less than 0.1mm; if the sleeve type coupling is selected, the coaxiality error shall be less than 0.05mm. It is forbidden to drive pump shaft directly with V-belt. The rotation direction of the gear is clearly specified, so it is not allowed to be confused during installation.
Suction and drain ports
If the diameter of suction port and drain port of high-pressure gear pump is the same, the suction and discharge ports can be universal, and the gear can rotate forward and backward. If the diameter of the oil suction port and the oil drain port of the pump are different, the larger diameter is the oil suction port, and the smaller diameter is the oil discharge port. The two cannot be used in common use, and the gear shall not be reversed. The suction and discharge ports of CB series gear pump made in China are not interchangeable.
Oil filter
The oil absorption height of high-pressure gear pump is generally less than 0.5m, and the working oil should be selected strictly according to the regulations. In addition, the working oil should be kept clean. Generally, a screen type oil filter is installed at the oil suction port of the pump. The general filtering accuracy of the oil filter should be less than 40 μ M. if there is an oil filter at the oil suction port of the pump, the effective flow rate of the oil filter should be greater than 2 times of the large oil suction flow of the pump, and it should be kept unblocked to prevent blockage. Oil filter with filtering accuracy not less than 25 μ m shall be installed in oil return pipeline, and it shall be cleaned or replaced regularly according to oil pollution. The suction and discharge pipes of the pump shall be sealed reliably without oil leakage. The general working temperature of gear pump is (- 25 ~ 80) ℃. The preparation work before start-up after the installation of the pump before the start-up, strict regulations must be filled with oil and exhaust, so that the pump can timely absorb oil when running. It is good to loosen a pipe joint in the pressure pipeline, start the power element to let the oil output until no bubble is visible, and then tighten the pipe joint (this operation needs special attention. If the high-pressure gear pump is not operated according to this operation, it will be damaged in the early stage and encounter more hair defects). The running time of high pressure gear should not be less than 10 minutes when the pump is running under high pressure or no load. Then check the working condition of the high-pressure gear pump, there should be no leakage, noise, excessive heating and so on. Avoid starting or parking with load during work. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to separate the high-pressure gear pump from the motor, and when it is needed to be reused, it needs to run with no load for more than 10 minutes.