What is the difference between gear pump and hydraulic gear motor?

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1、 The composition is different
Gear pump: gear pump is composed of pump body, driving gear, passive gear, bearing, oil seal and gear shaft.
Hydraulic gear motor: the hydraulic gear motor is composed of shell, crankshaft, port shaft, connecting rod, plunger and eccentric wheel.
2、 The working principle is different
Gear pump: the working principle of gear pump is to transfer liquid or pressurize it by changing and moving the working volume formed between pump cylinder and meshing gear.
Hydraulic gear motor: the working principle of the hydraulic gear motor is to convert the liquid pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft.

3、 Different applications
Gear pump: gear pump is mainly used in mechanical engineering, transmission and hydraulic transmission.
Hydraulic gear motor: hydraulic gear motor is mainly used in mechanical engineering, ship, hoist, petrochemical, port machinery and other fields.

Gear pump is driven by motor or engine to convert mechanical energy into fluid energy. The main measurement parameters are input speed and torque, output pressure and flow. The hydraulic motor converts fluid energy into mechanical energy, the input is pressure and flow, and the output is speed and torque.