• What is the principle of selecting hydraulic pump?

    What is the principle of selecting hydraulic pump?

    To select a manual hydraulic pump, many factors should be considered, such as material, driving mode, purpose, pump shaft position, flow, principle, number of impellers, performance, lift, etc., such as cast iron, cast steel, glass, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, etc.; chemical pump, pipeline pump, metering pump, fountain pump, booster pump, etc.; axial flow pump, diaphragm pump, roller pump, gear pump, etc, Slide pump, etc. Generally, it is determined by the pressure, displacement and driving ... Read More

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  • How high speed can the hydraulic vane pump withstand?

    How high speed can the hydraulic vane pump withstand?

    Highest, 2000 to 4000 rpm The hydraulic motor is a kind of executive component of the hydraulic system, which transforms the hydraulic pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft. Hydraulic motor Hydraulic motor, also known as oil motor, is mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, engineering machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy machinery, ship machinery, petro... Read More

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  • Specific calculation method of flow and displacement of gear pump

    Specific calculation method of flow and displacement of gear pump

    The gear pump can be divided into two types: external engagement and internal engagement. The external engagement gear pump has several kinds of gears, such as straight teeth, helical teeth and human teeth. Generally, the involute profile is adopted, while the internal engagement gear pump adopts arc cycloid profile or involute profile Gear pump engagement classification The number of gears in the external gear pump is two gears in common use, and there is only one gear in the internal gear pump... Read More

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  • Selection guide of gear oil pump

    Selection guide of gear oil pump

    Gear oil pump is also called positive displacement device in terminology, that is, like a piston in a cylinder, when one tooth enters the fluid space of another tooth, the liquid will be mechanically squeezed out. Because the liquid is incompressible, the liquid and the tooth cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so the liquid will be excluded. Because the teeth are continuously meshed, this phenomenon will happen continuously, Therefore, a continuous discharge quantity is provided at t... Read More

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  • Selection of centrifugal pump

    Selection of centrifugal pump

    Centrifugal pump is to produce pressure by the centrifugal force of the impeller agitating the fluid rotation and to deliver the fluid. In the selection of centrifugal pump, to determine the purpose and performance of the pump and select the pump type. This choice must start with the selection of the type and form of the pump, then what principle should be adopted to select the pump? What is the basis? 1、 Pump selection principle 1. Make the type and performance of the selected pump meet the req... Read More

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