Improper use of vane pump

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In the product manual of vane pump, there are generally detailed installation guidelines and precautions. However, in the actual use process, there are often such failures and problems. Most of these problems should be caused by improper use. Improper use accounts for more than 95% of the oil pump damage, but few of them really belong to product quality problems.
1、 Improper use of several manifestations:
1. Wrong installation method:
A. Coupling too tight:
Because the clearance between coupling and shaft is too small or no clearance, the bearing will be damaged when it is knocked hard, which will lead to the early damage of the bearing and affect the life of the whole pump core.
B. Axial stress of shaft head:
Because there is no certain axial clearance when the coupling is installed, the bearing and bearing retaining ring will be damaged by rigid installation, and the whole pump core will be damaged in serious cases.
C. Coaxiality out of tolerance:
If the concentricity exceeds the specified value during installation, the bearing and the whole pump core will be eccentric and early damaged. Generally, it is better to control it at ≤ 0.1 mm
2. Poor system environment
A. Dirty oil:
Because the oil tank is not sealed, the surrounding dust and iron debris mixed into the oil can cause early damage to the oil pump.
B. Too high temperature:
Since there is no cooling device, the oil temperature will increase continuously during the continuous use of the machine. If the oil temperature is higher than 70 ° for a long time, the service life of the oil pump will be greatly shortened, and it will be damaged in half a year (sometimes shorter).
C. Water in oil:
In the device with water cooling, due to the poor sealing of water pipe, water enters into the oil, causing the pump core parts to rust, lock up, and the blade can not be thrown out.