How is the electronic product shell mold made?

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High pressure hydraulic gear pump and ordinary gear pump have the following differences:
(1) The shape of high pressure hydraulic gear pump adopts rectangular five piece combination type, which is easy to process, neat and beautiful;
(2) The noise level of high pressure hydraulic gear pump is low, and the noise value under maximum load can reach a level of product standard (ordinary gear pump is generally in level B and C);
(3) The volumetric efficiency of high-pressure hydraulic gear pump can reach 95%, which belongs to energy-saving products (ordinary pump is generally between 50% - 80%);
(4) The high-pressure hydraulic gear pump can work under constant pressure at low speed (125R / min), and the volumetric efficiency can still reach more than 85%, which can not be achieved by the ordinary precision gear pump. It is especially suitable for the energy-saving installation where the pump flow is controlled by changing the pump speed by using the frequency converter. Because the variable frequency speed regulation can be used to adjust the flow rate, the pump can save energy during the operation under the low speed and low energy consumption range The electric rate can reach about 50%, which can save energy and reduce consumption;
(5) High pressure hydraulic gear pump internal rotating parts are made of special alloy material, which has strong anti impurity ability and is not easy to wear;
(6) The suction head can reach 8m, which belongs to high suction gear pump. During the type test, the pump can still work normally when the suction port is -0.085mpa;
(7) The seal of high pressure hydraulic gear pump is good. There is no paper pad to adjust the gap between the surface of pump body and pump cover. The end clearance of gear is completely guaranteed by the size and shape accuracy of parts. The multi-stage combined sealing system is adopted for the sealing of the pump, so the probability of oil leakage at the pump shaft end is very low;