Characteristics of VP variable vane pump and Its Application Guide

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1.1 Characteristics of single vane pump
1. With precision machining technology, it can automatically adjust the flow rate and compensation function under the pressure setting, reduce the load power loss, high efficiency, low heating and energy saving;
2. Low noise, fast response, efficient and stable operation;
3. It has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation and easy maintenance;
4. It is widely used in machine tools and shoemaking machinery;
5. Long life, firm structure, small size, can be directly connected to the motor, save space, economic and durable features.

2.1 characteristics of double vane pump
1. It is composed of two variable displacement pumps and uses a common drive shaft;
2. The oil suction port and oil outlet are independent, and the flow pressure can be adjusted at will, which is widely used in machine tools and shoe-making machinery;
3. Easy to operate, can be directly connected to the motor, save space, economic and durable features.

Introduction Guide
All VP vane pumps are self-priming;
Attention must be paid to the filtering accuracy of the oil filter in the hydraulic system, which will improve the working safety and avoid wear and tear under improper installation;
If the pump still cannot supply oil without bubbles after about 20 seconds, the equipment must be checked again. After reaching the working data, check the tightness of the pipe connection and check the working temperature.
Put into use
Check whether the equipment is installed carefully and cleanly;
Pay attention to the direction arrow of motor and pump to avoid mistakes;
When it is put into use for the first time, the motor should be started by repeated inching mode under no pressure state to remove the air in the pump and oil absorption. In order to ensure that the air in the system is eliminated, it can run continuously for 10 minutes without load;
In any case, it is not allowed to run the pump without oil.