Advantages and disadvantages of bidirectional compound gear pump

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What are the advantages of this equipment? The presentation of this equipment does bring us great convenience, but no matter what product is double-sided, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to say that a product is not picky. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this device?
The advantages of the equipment are much more than the defects. The first is the power to weight ratio. This means that a lighter equipment weight can produce a larger output force or torque. And although the strength is great, but the inertia is very small, high frequency impact. The startup and shutdown of the equipment are very fast. It can also easily complete the stepless speed regulation, the range of speed regulation is very wide, and the stability of low speed is very good. It is very easy to complete the linear motion, the mechanical transmission is more difficult, the electric transmission is more difficult to complete. Compared with easy overload maintenance, the work is very safe. Compared with the mechanical transmission, the actuator and power source can be separated easily and the position change is allowed during the working time. The bi-directional compound gear pump works with certain elasticity and vibration absorption ability, which makes the hydraulic transmission cloud smooth and easy to dissipate heat during operation.
But the discharge of oil is easy to pollute the environment, and it is easy to cause fire, so it is very difficult to dispose of waste oil. The viscosity of oil is greatly affected by temperature. The efficiency of transmission is very low. The working reliability of bidirectional compound gear pump also needs to be improved.