Parker Commercial P Series Gear Pump

Parker P315 Fixed Displacement Gear Pumps

Parker P315 Fixed Displacement Gear Pumps

Zhejiang Goodwill Machinery Co., Ltd.

Parker’s P315 fixed displacement gear pumps offer high performance and high endurance due to its cast iron construction.

Goodwill gear pump manufactures bushing gear pumps and motors to the highest quality and durability for the most demanding applications. Our gears are produced to precise tolerances with a true involute profile along the tooth thus maximising volumetric efficiency. The result is more efficient longer lasting pumps &c motors with lower noise emissions.

Parker’s 315 series fixed displacement gear pumps offer high pressure durability due to their cast iron construction, making them ideal for high duty cycle mobile applications for the Construction, Forestry, and Oil & Gas markets. They are available as a standard pump, clutch pump, and tandem pump.

• Power steering pumps
• Tire Trucks
• Salt and sand spreaders
• Aerial Lift
• Low boy trailers


Parker P315 Fixed Displacement Gear Pumps Details

High efficiency single/multiple units
Wide range of displacements
Optional shafts/mountings
Rugged cast iron construction
Motor assemblies available
Complete parts program
Flow dividers available

• Three-piece cast iron construction for distribution flexibility
• Cast Iron construction for durability
• Balanced Thrust Plates minimize friction and leakage
• Journal bearings for long life
• Multiple sections available

• Aerial
• Agriculture Machinery
• Construction Equipment
• Forestry Equipment
• Material Handling Equipment
• Turf Equipment
• Vocational & Municipal Equipment
• Mining
• Oil & Gas