KZP4/KRP4 series gear pump

KZP4/KRP4 series gear pump

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KZP4/KRP4 series gear pump Details

SGP2 gear oil pumps

KZP4,KRP4 series gear pumps adopt the material of high strength aluminum alloy and advanced technologies of axial clearance floating automatic compensation, radial balance, DU self-lubrication and gear with double pressure angles, making the pumps with the features of high volumetric efficiency, high pressure, lower noise, strong shock resistance, long lifetime, etc. The pumps are widely used in the industries of mining machinery, light industry machinery, environment sanitation machinery, agricultural machinery and he engineering machinery of forklift, loader, excavator, road roller, crane, etc.

Model descripitions

②  Nominal displacement (mL/r)
  1. 9. 12. 14› 17. 19. 23› 27. 33
③ Direction of rotation( from shaft end)
L:Left rotation( counterclockwise)
R:Right rotation( clockwise)
④ Shaft type P
Straight spline S: SAE spline
T Taper shaft X: Involute spline
⑤Port configuration
1.SAE flange port 
Inlet: m 25; 52.4*26.2; 3/8-16UNC (Ml0*1.25)
Outlet: m 18; 47.6*22.2; 3/8-16UNC (M10*1.25)
D.Inlet: SAE flange 
Outlet: 7/8-14UNF
SAE screw thread port
Inter:1 16/1-12UNC
⑥ Position  of ports
Inlet、outlet both at the side (on body)
Inlet on body, outlet on cover front
⑦ Mounting
B.Horizontal 2bolts:106.2
Bolts: M10*1.25 
C.Horizontal 2 
Inner bore: 11
D.Horizontal 2 bolts:106.2

Performance parameters

Models Nominal displacement (mr) Max Pressure(Mpa) Rotation speed (r/min) Weight (kg)
Min Max
KZP4/KRP4-7 7.0  17.2 500 3500 2.3 
KZP4/KRP4-9 9.4  2.4 
KZP4/KRP4-12 11.9  600 2.5 
KZP4/KRP4-14 14.8  500 3.0 
KZP4/KRP4-17 16.8  600 3.1 
KZP4/KRP4-19 19.2  650 3.2 
KZP4/KRP4-23 22.9  3000 3.3 
KZP4/KRP4-27 26.5  15.7 2500 3.4 
KZP4/KRP4-33 33.3  13.7 3.5 


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