What is the main function of gear pump valve

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The main function of the gear pump valve is to prevent the gear pump motor from burning or damaging the pipeline equipment caused by the gear pump outlet pipe blockage or the gear pump outlet pressure being too high. The choice of gear pump is to calculate the required gear pump outlet pressure, that is, we often say the head of gear pump. According to the actual working pressure of gear pump, medium viscosity and medium specific weight, the actual working pressure of gear pump is measured. In the operation experiment of the pump, the valve pressure of the gear pump is set in advance by adjusting the adjusting bolt on the top of the gear pump valve.

The main function of the gear pump valve pressure adjusted in advance is that once the pump outlet pipeline is blocked in the normal operation of the gear pump, the pump valve will automatically open after exceeding the preset pressure. At this time, the transmission medium of the gear pump will automatically circulate in the gear pump, so as to automatically relieve the pressure, which not only protects the gear pump but also protects the motor from overload. Gear pumps with valves are mainly KCB gear pump, YCB arc gear pump, stainless steel gear pump and high temperature gear pump.