What is the function of the hydraulic pump


What is the function of the hydraulic pump? The functio […]

What is the function of the hydraulic pump?
The function of hydraulic pump is to convert the mechanical energy of power machine (such as motor and internal combustion engine) into the pressure energy of liquid.
The hydraulic pump is a kind of pump, which is driven by engine or motor, sucks oil from the hydraulic oil tank, forms pressure oil to discharge, and sends it to the actuator.
There are many factors that affect the service life of the hydraulic pump. In addition to the design and manufacturing factors of the pump itself, the selection of some components related to the use of the pump, and the operation during the test run, etc., are also related to the working principle of the hydraulic pump, which is that the movement brings the change of the pump cavity volume, so as to compress the fluid to make the fluid have pressure energy. The necessary condition is that there is a change of sealing volume in the pump chamber.

Type of hydraulic pump:
1. Gear pump: small in volume, simple in structure, not strict in oil cleanliness requirements and low in price; however, the pump shaft is severely worn and leaked due to unbalanced force.
2. Vane pump: divided into double acting vane pump and single acting vane pump. The pump has the advantages of uniform flow, stable operation, low noise, higher working pressure and volumetric efficiency than gear pump, and more complex structure than gear pump.
3. Plunger pump: it has high volumetric efficiency, small leakage, can work under high pressure, and is mostly used in high-power hydraulic system; however, it has complex structure, high requirements for material and processing accuracy, high price, and high requirements for oil cleanliness.

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