What are the characteristics of vane pump

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In addition to the general characteristics of positive displacement pump, vane pump also has the following characteristics.
1. Relatively uniform flow, stable operation and low noise.
2. Double acting vane pump adopts radial force balance, long bearing life, good internal sealing and high volumetric efficiency, which can be used in high pressure applications. Generally, the rated working pressure of vane pump is less than 7MPa, and that of high-pressure vane pump is 14-21mpa.
3. Compact structure, small volume and large flow rate.
4. Single acting vane pump can realize variable direction and variable regulation.
5. More strict working conditions. Due to the poor impact resistance and easy blockage of the blade, it is sensitive to the cleanliness and viscosity of oil. End clearance or chute clearance must also be configured correctly. In addition, when the rotating speed is too low, the blade may not be able to press the stator surface due to insufficient centrifugal force, and cavitation may occur if the speed is too high. Generally, the speed of vane pump is about 500 ~ 2000r / min.
6. The structure is more complex and the manufacturing precision of parts is higher.
In ships, vane pump is usually used as working oil pump in hydraulic system or as low viscosity clean oil pump.