How many kinds of hydraulic pumps do you know?

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What do you know about the type of hydraulic pump
The pressure pump is the power component of the hydraulic system, which is driven by the initiator or motor, sucks the oil from the hydraulic oil tank, forms the pressure oil to expel, and sends it to the implementation component.
Type of hydraulic pump
1. Gear pump: small in size and approximate in structure, not strict in oil cleanliness and low in price; the pump shaft is severely worn due to unbalanced force and large leakage.
2. Vane pump: it can be divided into two types: Double immersion vane pump and single immersion vane pump. This kind of pump has the advantages of average flow, stable operation, low noise, higher operating pressure and volumetric efficiency than gear pump, and more complicated structure than gear pump.
3. Plunger pump: it has high volume efficiency, small leakage, can work under high pressure, and is mostly used in high-power hydraulic system; however, it has complex structure, high data and processing accuracy, high price, and high cleanliness of oil.
Characteristics of hydraulic pump
1. There are several sealed spaces that can be innovated periodically. The output flow of the pump is directly proportional to the volume innovation of the space and the innovation times per unit time, and has nothing to do with other components.
2. The absolute pressure of the liquid in the oil tank must be equal to or greater than the atmospheric pressure. This is the external condition that the positive displacement hydraulic pump can draw in oil. Therefore, in order to ensure that the hydraulic pump can absorb abnormal oil, the oil tank must be the same as the atmosphere, or the closed sub oil tank should be used.
3. It has corresponding distribution mechanism. Separate the suction tank and the discharge tank to ensure that the hydraulic pump can regularly and continuously suction and discharge the liquid.