High pressure gear pump is suitable for medium delivery

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The pressure of high-pressure gear pump is generally 35kg-40kg. The high-pressure gear pump has an automatic adjustment structure in the gap, and its parts are made of high wear-resistant materials. It has the characteristics of compact structure, good self-priming, high efficiency and strong adaptability. In the case of transporting liquid containing impurities, the working life of the pump is 2-10 times longer than that of the general gear pump. The design of the pump fully considers the interchangeability with the common gear pump, and the shape, installation size and technical parameters are exactly the same as the gear pump.
Therefore, the pump is also called "strong type" of KCB series, which shows the important characteristics of long life and stable pressure when it transports the medium with lubrication and without impurities. This product is equipped with a gear end clearance adjustable structure. When the working pressure of the pump drops in a certain period of time, the internal gear end clearance of the pump can be adjusted through the external fine-tuning structure on the pump cover, so that the working pressure of the pump can be restored, and several adjustments can be made.
Therefore, the service life of the gear pump is 5-10 times longer than that of the general gear pump. It is the first one in the high-pressure jet combustion of combustion oil containing impurities in China and reaches the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.

The high-pressure gear pump is applicable to the heavy oil, diesel oil, coal tar and other low-grade and inferior combustion oil with medium temperature not higher than 200 ℃, viscosity not greater than 1500mm2 / s and containing non-metallic impurities. It is especially suitable for fuel injection in petroleum, chemical industry, grain and oil, building materials, daily chemicals, road construction, electric power and asphalt mixing plant sectors and industries. It is also more suitable for occasions requiring stable working pressure and long-term continuous operation, such as strong lubrication system, etc.